Starting a Cattery

Running a cattery is a way of life. Clients will place their full trust into you to look after and make sure their animals are safe, secure, well fed and overall happy. Living on site to your cattery is strongly advised to ensure the smooth running of your operations and shouldn’t be left for more than short periods of time when cats are actually in the cattery itself.


The busiest times of year in the cattery calendar are the times of year when pet owners and families go on holiday in the break and weeks off; for example bank holidays, school holidays and Christmas will be your peak periods, this will in turn build your reputation which will make your quiet times become less quiet.




All boarding establishment officially are required to be licensed by the local authorities under the Animal Establishing Act of 1963. The licence which is granted in the name of the owner is issued annually. All catteries must have a current licence.


Your local authorities may also attach conditions to the license and use the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) Model Licence Conditions & Guidance for Cat Boarding Establishments (2013) as a guide.


During the New Year your local authorities will normally make one or more visits to inspect your premises and this is normally carried out by the Environmental Health Department.


Planning Permission


If you are planning to build cattery you will need to apply to your local authority for outline and detail planning permissions. This can be a lengthy process and could take a lot longer than you think. Your local authorities provide the necessary documents and advise on how you proceed further. Building regulation may apply to specific types of catteries. You may care to engage the services of a professional architect to draw up plans for you, or do the work yourself. If you decide to employ a specialist cattery builder to construct your cattery, they will usually offer a complete package and make a planning application on your behalf.


Style Crown Ltd are one of the leading manufacturers of both uPVC and timber cattery units. As we manufacture both, we can offer a unbiased opinion to the pros and cons of each material and design. Our flexible approach allows you to custom your new cattery to your own style, allow changes to suit you

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