The Perfect Garden Office

Garden offices can be cheap, cheerful, eco-friendly and the best of all, there isn’t any commute. Could a garden office be the way forward for most desk/office workers? With January approaching, it is the perfect time of year to sit down and set plans for the future. So why not consider a garden office?


First of all set yourself a budget, garden offices vary in price so before making a decision make sure you know what you have to work with. You will get a very good understanding of the market when researching your budget and adding up what features cost what.


Your garden office has to comply with the rules; many garden offices are marked as Planning Permission friendly units. However, it would still be the right thing to check it out and make sure you have the okay to go ahead with your build.


Whether choosing a modern design, standard design or classic design; each of these routes has benefits:


Standard designs have limited choice oversize, layout and choice of features. Although, they are normally the quickest to finish and are the most cost-effective way to buy a garden office too.


Modular designs, on the other hand, have been widely adopted by the industry and from a buyer’s point of view offer a wider perspective of features, alongside mix and matching wall colours and types modular designs are catered to more people.


If you’re looking for the perfect garden office which is also tailored to your garden, then you should go towards the idea of working with a bespoke garden office designer. When working with a bespoke designer, you will be offered input in every single aspect of the design process.


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