The Right Way to place Your Garden Room

When planning your new garden room; the design, specification and budget of the room itself normally comes first. In our eyes, the best place to start is to plan where to actually place your Garden Room.


Setting your garden room or garden office to the front of your property normally involves asking for planning permission. Most people prefer their garden room to be in the back garden; this normally doesn’t require planning permission and you can go as crazy as you like with the design.


If your garden room is less than 2 metres from any boundary line then the height is restricted to 2.5m. More than 2m away from a boundary and the maximum height for a dual pitch roof increases to 4m and 3m for a mono pitch roof.


Looking past planning issues there are other important points to consider before you decide on the best position for your room. Lighting can dramatically change the way your room feels and what energy the room gives off. Depending on what the room will be used for, it often makes sense to have windows on the south and west walls to get most of the natural heat and light from the sun rather than on the north and east walls which will be cooler.


Do you want the building to be a key design feature in the garden making a statement? Or, would you prefer a more discreet addition where your privacy is important? Often a new garden room can be the main element in a new garden design scheme; sometimes it needs to blend well into a nicely established landscape.


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